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Trisna Films® is founded by Avinash Kumar with a vision to scale new heights in Pre Production, Production and Post Production Services related to the art of making films. Set up almost a decade back, in 2009 - Trisna Films® to create new benchmarks with each passing year increasing its global reach to all the sub-continents of the world.

At Trisna, we are constantly looking to attract many more prominent film-makers from across the world to explore the new era of Indian cinema and to identify and promote new talents from not only our country but from across our shores too.

The range of activities and services offered by Trisna Films for all of the Pre Production, Production & Post Production requirements span from conducting thorough research, conception & development of scripts and storyboards, designing production, budgeting, scheduling, auditioning, casting, scouting locations besides both real time on site as well as virtual camera shoots, organization of the production team and the crew involved both for feature/documentary films, TV serials as well as other customized video shoots as for music, other forms of art. Our teams are well supported with expert Technicians for all kinds of editing, encoding, formatting jobs, voice over and sound design, creation of animations, graphics, sub-titles, closed captions and other transcriptions including transliteration.

Based out of New Delhi/NCR, we are well equipped to organize and conduct film & video shooting anywhere in India or across the world.

We're Hiring

We are looking for 3 to 4 male & female talents age group 27 to 40 for a TVC to play a group of friends.

We are looking for male & female production asst. have fluent in Hindi & English alongwith local language in Goa.

Cast and Crew

Trisna Films® has expert cast and crew like Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Executive Producer, Production Supervisor, Production Controller, Line Producer, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Production Secretary, Production Accountant, Post-production Supervisor, Associate Director, First Assistant Director, Second Assistant Director, Third Assistant Director, Production Assistant, Production Runner, Script Supervisor, Stunt Coordinator, Story Producer, Script Editor, Script Co-ordinator, Fixer, Location Manager, Location Assistant, Location Scout, Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, First Assistant Camera, Second Assistant Camera, Loader, Camera Production Assistant, Digital Imaging Technician, Data Wrangler, Steadicam Operator, Motion Control Technician, Motion Control Operator, Production Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, Boom Swinger, Key Grip, Best Boy Grip, Dolly Grip, Gaffer, Best Boy Electrical, Lighting Technician, Production Designer, Art Director, Set Designer, Illustrator, Set Decorator, Buyer, Set Dresser, Props Master, Standby Props, Props Builder, Armourer, Construction Coordinator, Construction Manager, Key Scenic, Greensman, Make-up Artist, Hairdresser, Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer, Costume Supervisor, Costume Standby, Art Finisher, Buyer, Cutter, Fitter, Film Editor, Online Editor, Offline Editor, Assistant Editor, Colourist, Visual Effects Supervisor, Compositor, Roto/Paint Artist, Matte Painter, Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor, Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, Music Supervisor, Music Director, Composer, Foley Artist, Casting Director, Storyboard Artist, Caterers, Unit Nurse, Unit Publicist, Stills Photographer, Studio Manager, Project Manager, Account Manager, Choreographer etc.

Team Members

  • avinash kumar, avinash kumar director, avinash kumar creative director

    Avinash Kumar

    Creative Director

    Avinash Kumar has over twenty years of experience as a filmmaker.

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  • bandana kumari filmmaker, bandana kumari producer, bandana kumari

    Bandana Kumari


    Bandana Kumari is a filmmaker based in New Delhi, India.

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