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Documentary film production house in Delhi Ncr India

Documentary film production house in Delhi Ncr India. We do documentary, feature film, Tv serial, music video, travel show, corporate, animation, promotional, educational, training.

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Documentary film Production services in Delhi Ncr India

Documentary film Production services in Delhi Ncr India. Want to filming in india, we are ready to serve. We provide production services in Delhi Ncr, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai.

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Documentary film consultancy services in Delhi Ncr India

Documentary film consultancy services in Delhi Ncr India. We provide consultancy services to our client. You are important to us, we care for you, we will love to do your project.

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Film & Video shooting locations in India

We provide shooting locations in Delhi. Film shooting locations in Delhi, India. Video shooting locations in Delhi, India. Music video shooting locations in Delhi, India. Travel show shooting locations in Delhi, India.

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Career in Film & Video industry in India

Career in Film & Video industry in India. Your dream career in Direction, Production, cinematography, videography, photography, Editing, Animation, Graphics, Choreography, audio recording, journalism, Acting, Modeling.

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Manthan Awards: Pashto TV Documentary in Delhi, India

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Manthan Awards: It is a TV documentary for Pashto TV, Kabul, Afghanistan. Pashto TV spreads education to the people where there are no education through their TV channel. Its spreading all sorts of knowledge in Pashto language.

Pashto TV and LDS (Liwal Distance School) were both nominated and won the manthan award in the category of E-EDUCATION & LEARNING in the year 2011 at India habitat centre, New Delhi, India. Liwal Distance School (LDS) is an e-Learning Programme which is broadcast via Pashto TV for 6 hours daily, from class 1 to 3, is based on Afghanistan curriculum. Special books and videos are prepared to enable students to learn from TV, Computers and other media players. LDS is also available in CDs/DVDs and it will be available online offering classes worldwide. The skills acquired with this initiative help children further to continue in other formal schools and they would be able to manage their daily lives in a better way being literate. The curriculum taught in LDS has basic components that educate them basic math and accounting to be able to use them in daily life.